PALAUS Consultants

Juridical services


Counseling and representation services on law, the law of the country of origin and / or the law of third countries, international law, legal documentation and certification and other advisory and information services.

What can we do for you?

We are here to help you and answer your questions about the following topics:

Debt claim

Legal claim quickly, easily and efficiently to manage the collection against debtors.

Legal defense

Actions before the Courts of Justice or conciliation or arbitration bodies to which it would be necessary to go if an amicable solution of the possible conflicts with third parties is not reached.

Legal consultations

Any query or verbal or written report that within the normal daily development of the client’s activity could be needed in a legal and management framework of the company, as well as the possible assistance in signing legal business.

Actions in labor matters

Comprehensive assistance and advice in labor law for quick and effective resolution of labor disputes in the company’s environment

writing of writings

Drafting of contracts, legal feasibility studies, and in general, everything related to comprehensive legal advice within the normal needs of the merchant.

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